Cultivated City

How urban agriculture is blossoming in Portland, Oregon. Innovators Caienna Bierwirth & Rex Rolle, Simpson Street Farmers; Innovators Dena & Noel Lieberman, Sun Blossom Farm


  • What are the benefits of urban farms to growers and neighbors?
  • Are you aware of urban or backyard farms in your community? How can you find out? Can you learn more from your local farmers’ market?
  • The Cully Collective decided not to join the grange because of their lobbying efforts especially for Genetically Modified Foods GMOS. What are the pros and cons of joining a grange or starting your own?
  • Sun Blossom Farms offers a different option for Community Supported Agriculture members. Are you aware of similar farms, if so, please elaborate?


  • All it takes to have an urban farm is a little yard space, connecting to other like-minded people, sharing tools and labor, and being determined. Interested?  How would you begin? What restaurants or other organizations could be customers for your food?  Is there a farmers’ market in your locale where you could also sell your goods?
  • Bees pollinate an estimated 75% of food crops. The wide-spread loss of bee colonies appears to be due to multiple interacting causes of death including bee parasites, pesticides, flowerless landscapes and monocultures.  Sun Blossom Farms grows flowers especially for the bees.  What are you or can you do to help address the loss of bee colonies?
  • Invite friends, colleagues or community members to view this video with you and host a conversation.


Caienna Bierwirth studied at University of Oregon and isalso Assistant Instructor at Tracking Earth, out-door adventures for folks of all ages.

Rex Rolle studied at Whitman College and formerly worked at New Seasons Market and Kruger’s Farm.