Hatching Solutions

Working with nature to increase salmon populations without chemicals. Innovator Al Seale,Pillar Creek Hatchery Manager in Kodiak, Alaska


  • Pillar Creek Hatchery appears to be filling a need in the Kodiak region by contributing to the provision of the 35% of hatchery wild salmon in the area.  Please discuss your thoughts about this.
  • Discuss the difference between Farm Raised and Hatchery Originated Salmon and what the pros and cons of both approaches might be.
  • Do you know of any animal-related food-producing farms in your area that might apply this model for more sustainable and humane methods?


  • Invite friends, colleagues, or community members to view this video with you and host a conversation.
  • Read and discuss the World Ocean Review written to increase public awareness of the interconnected nature of the diverse aspects of the marine environment and thus to boost marine conservation.Please discuss your reaction and thoughts about how you might help to improve the marine ecosystem.


Al Seale is Pillar Creek Hatchery Manager in Kodiak, Alaska