Earth Charter

The Earth Charter is a bold, courageously optimistic vision towards a better world.

The Earth Charter serves as the ethical framework for the Cultural Innovations in Action. It is a global Declaration of interdependence that is the result of an unprecedented open drafting process involving thousands of people in 78 countries over the course of ten years.

It was launched at The Hague Peace Palace in 2000 where Jan Roberts was recognized as heading up the major grassroots effort in the US. Its sixteen principles for universal human rights, economic justice, respect for nature and a culture of peace are woven into the themes for the UNDAUNTED Changemakers’ Solutions. Jan founded Earth Charter U.S. (1999 to 2013) to inspire, educate and engage people around the country in initiatives based on the E.C. principles.

Read the Earth Charter here. To learn more visit Earth Charter International

Read Jan’s Story of Falling in Love with the Earth Charter in Assisi, Italy.

Janet Roberts Producer, Writer & Director created Earth Charter Living Series for Tampa Bay Community Network in 2005. Edited by George Sherman, Music by Raffi Cavoukian, Canadian Singer & Lyricist and Graphics by Tracy Copes.

Earth Charter Living Series featured shows on Earth Scouts, Fair Trade Chocolate, Sustainable Farming, Community Quality of Life, LGBTQ Rights and more.

Eat Chocolate & Change the World

Sustainable Martinis & Wine

Earth Charter Community Indicators

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