Tribal Wealth Building Solutions

Our Culture is Our Strength

Indigenous Economist Rebecca Adamson is founder of Lakota Funds, the first microenterprise lender in North America and First Nations Development Institute, a nonprofit financial organization devoted to Indigenous people’s self-sufficiency. As a board member of a Wall Street Investment Firm, she embedded Indigenous principles in the formation of their groundbreaking Calvert Community Investment Notes that lend billions of dollars to local economies.

Rebecca describes the differences between Western Economies built on hyper-individualism and accumulation of money and Indigenous Economies that redefine wealth as the wellbeing of people, culture, community and Earth. She chronicles her journey and the solutions that she has founded to increase Indigenous sovereignty and financial independence.

Tribal Wealth Building Changemakers on Pine Ridge & Rosebud Reservations

Indigenous Changemakers on Pine Ridge & Rosebud Reservations

In this video, you’ll meet some of the amazing changemakers connected to the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations in South Dakota who are leading the way towards an equitable and sustainable future for us all. Find out what they are doing to restore vital ecosystems, distribute wealth equitably, and encourage sustainable and healthy food production.

Whack a Mole Project: Hilarious, Tragic & Ultimately Uplifting Story of Creativity

Indigenous Economist Rebecca Adamson in Zoom interview with CIA founder Jan Roberts, shares an early economic development on Pine Ridge Reservation that illuminates the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ (BIA) astonishing bureaucracy and the vibrant Indigenous entrepreneurship of the Pine Ridge people that succeeds despite the BIA.

Lakota Buffalo People: A Story of Connection and Re-emergence

Wizi Little Elk, Former CEO or Rosebud Economic Development Corporation on Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, shares the powerful story of the spiritual, environmental, social and economic meaning of the buffalo to the Lakota people and the Great Plains. He recounts the horrific slaughter of 60 million buffalo to drive Lakota people on to reservations and the dependence on the U.S. government and the triumphant story of the Wolakota Regenerative Buffalo Range on Rosebud, the largest Native owned buffalo herd in North America.

Creating Wealth Building Opportunities for Native Families

Osage Changemaker Christy Finsel is Executive Director of Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, a national Native led nonprofit engaged in creating economic self-sufficiency for Native Families. From Children’s Seed Deposit Accounts to a vast network of Native Volunteer Tax Assistance practitioners to funding down payments for housing, the organization makes a concrete difference for Native families now and gives them hope for a better future.