Healing Wings of Change

An Ogalala woman’s drive to create a pillar of Indian power, commerce and community. Innovator Shadana Dickerson Sultan (Ogalala Lakota), Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce


  • The healing wind of jingle dancing had an amazing effect on Shadana’s flesh eating disease.  Please share your thoughts and reactions.  Please expand your conversation to other traditional healing methods from your culture, the ones you perhaps have used and/or know about and their effects.
  • Blending the need for assertive, confident business practices with the traditional humble orientation of American Indian culture is something the RMICC attempts to help members to do.  If you are a member of a minority cultural or ethnic group, are there experiences in your life when you have seen the same conflict arise in the business world?
  • RMICC scope of mission and work includes scholarships for students so they can have lives of quality and bring their talents, skills and knowledge home to their Native American communities. Please share any knowledge or experience you know about related to that goal regarding returning Native Americans or other members of additional ethnic groups.
  • RMICC is very active in supporting American Indian entrepreneurs in starting and maintaining a business. Please visit their website and share information and thoughts  regarding that initiative.


  • Research and share information about organizations that exist in your community to assist Native Americans? How could you support them?
  • Are there organizations that work to assist other minority groups in your community? Please share information about those organizations. Are there ways you can support them?
  • What organizations exist in your community that assist members of minority groups with starting businesses? If not, how might you advocate to change this?
  • Invite friends, colleagues or community members to view this video with you and host a conversation.


Shadana Dickerson Sultan is Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce and was the recipient of the 2014 Denver Mayor’s Diversity Award.  She has worked at NBC Universal and Telemundo Denver.  She is fluent in Spanish and has studied French and Japanese.  She is currently pursuing Arabic and Islamic Studies.