Hello Neighbor

How 75,000 people around the globe are using social media to get to know their neighbors and pool their resources. Innovator Rebecca Rockefeller is the co-founder of the Buy Nothing Project.


  • If you have participated in a Buy Nothing group, please share your experiences.  If not, what stuff would you donate?  What stuff would you be interested in receiving? Would happenings like the Book and Brew evenings  increase the people connections in your community?
  • Rebecca believes that “we want to be connected and….we don’t get that through stuff.”  Agree? Disagree? Why?
  • Buy Nothing uses the Facebook platform to help assure that the people who are participating really live in that neighborhood or community.  What are your thoughts about that?


  • Find a Buy Nothing group near you.
  • If no group exists in your community, invite friends, colleagues or community members to view this video with you and take steps to start your own.


Rebecca Rockefeller is the co-founder of the Buy Nothing Project. Sheis a writer, farmer, citizen scientist & educator and has owned several businesses over the years.  After studying at Seattle Academy of Arts & Science, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Economy & Social Change at Evergreen State College.