Theatre Meets Activism

On the Road:
      A One Helluva Woman Show

80 year-old activist drives her Prius across the Country
to Change the World

Introduction to One Woman Show

The exploits, obstacles and joys of a road trip to video interview powerhouses creating deep seated change in the arts, education, economy, and communities. Uplifting, humorous, moving and persuasively optimistic for our collective future.

The show was originally produced by Stageworks Theatre in Tampa and directed by Karla Hartley, Producing Artistic Director. Special thanks to the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners for making this video production of the show available.

The show is 1 1/2 hours and features Jan’s personal experiences on the road and video clips from 20 of the 51 change-makers’ interviews. Jan covered 13,026 miles in 67 days, shot 51 videos, had 6 car problems, nearly finished 1.75 liters of rum AND did finish countless glasses of red wine.

CIA received a Community Arts Impact Program Award from the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and Hillsborough Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners to present this show free to audiences at venues in Hillsborough County and to produce a video of the show. The show was presented at the historic Glover School in Bealsville, Carollwood Cultural Center, and Life Enrichment Center. before Covid 19 caused 3 additional shows to be cancelled.


Jan Roberts is a genius! Her one woman show is brilliant, heart-wrenching and funny! I had tears in my eyes and left enriched with hope and love. Bonnie Saks, MD

As Jan introduces the audience to people who are impacting their communities and changing lives, she has an incredible talent for making us laugh while she inspires us to do more to contribute.  Kathleen M. Heide Professor University of South Florida

 Jan is so talented at storytelling – meaningful storytelling.  That’s such an effective way to pass on truths. Patti Breckenridge Career Consultant Lee Hecht Harrison.

This show is not “Get Your Kicks on Route 66”. It is brilliant, important, humorous and meaningful! A gem! Mark Klisch Ph.D.

 This incredibly uplifting, one-woman show is a must see journey of empowerment and the best of humanity. Tracy Copes Daft Generation Managing Partner/Creative Director

Jan shares a spectrum of emotions and introduces innovative community thinkers across the country. A salve for your heart and soul and provides optimism for a positive future.  Moira Burke, MD

Book: Operation Road Trip: How a Video Camera, A Bottle of Rum & A Car Renewed My Faith in Our Future