Sisters of the Land

Future farmers and policymakers learn spiritual land stewardship in Indiana. Innovators Sisters of Providence with the White Violet Eco Justice Center in Terra Haute, Indiana.


  • The foundation for the work of the Center is the spiritual belief of the interconnection of all life and the sacred connection to nature. Do you agree or disagree? If so, please elaborate.
  • The Sisters of Providence accomplishments on their 1200 acres of land  are done without funding from the Vatican. It’s a band of hearty Sisters and volunteers. Please share your thoughts about their work.
  • The Center has many activities that promote sustainability and community including Community Supported Agriculture.  Are you involved in similar activities where you live?
  •  Bree mentions how meaningful her internship is at the Center and how valued she feels by the staff. Do you or do you know someone who would benefit from the Center’s internship program?


  • To find out more about White Violet Center for Eco-Justice’s Internship program, contact Robyn at 812-535-2932 or
  • Invite friends, colleagues, or community members to view this video with you andhost a conversation.
  • The US Department of Agriculture will spend $52 Million to support local and regional food systems like farmers’ markets and food hubs, and to spur research on organic farming. Research more at 


  • There was a schism between the Vatican and Women Religious, which is the umbrella group of American nuns, until recently.  Following a Vatican investigation under Pope Benedict funding was cut to the Sisters in the US. Pope Francis ended the Vatican’s takeover of this main leadership group of American nuns in April 2015. However, there is still a lack of women serving on the Vatican Curia and in high administrative levels.  In addition, there seems to be no movement being made by Pope Francis on approving women as priests. 
  • Please share your thoughts.  If you believe that this is unfair, how might you help change the situation?


White Violet Eco Justice Center has been a ministry of the Sisters of Providence since 1996 and is located on 1200 acres of land in Terre Haute, IN.  The Center recognizes & fosters the interdependence of all creation. The center offers leadership & education in the preservation, restoration and the reverent use of all natural resources.  Through organic agriculture, eco-justice education and social advocacy the center offers opportunities to participate in creating systems that support justice and sustainability, both locally and globally. WVCEJ also sponsors a meaningful internship program that offers education and hands on experience for future farmers, environmental policy-makers and community leaders.